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  1. Well, Wix is a major competitor, so I'm sure some major ones use it (and, of course, unknown ones). Anyway, all or most forum software brands also have a blog mod - but, of course, I'm sure, more than not, the blog software is inferior.
  2. Well, the forum certainly has a lot of activity and members - despite the "fall of forums". Is it too bright? If the forum has that many people - and few are complaining, then what to say of that?
  3. https://www.musicbanter.com/reggae-ska/17520-outside-jamaica-country-embrace-reggae-most.html I haven't seen light blue for the text area - but it seems to work, and be strikingly different! Nonetheless, I doubt if many would want to copy this. Would you?
  4. The are too light, sometimes invisible. They need code modification to be darker. Sorry to be a complainer - but you know!
  5. jasony

    JoyFreak here!

    What are you hobbies, besides gaming? What else do you want to share?
  6. Go home empire! Just kidding. What are your hobbies etc..?
  7. Thanks for the support you all. I will try to reply on your intro threads - lol.
  8. I wouldn't rule directories out. I mean, they could raise SEO metrics - especially TF (trust flow), the important one (in my opinion). Anyway, a backlash came against directories not long ago - as Google said that spammy directories were harmful. However, though, Google, itself, has stated not all directories are spammy!
  9. A big social media following can help - but I'd caution on being over-optimistic. Well, for one thing, even though you have a big list - is there a lot of shares generated? I think the social media thing is more complex than some think!
  10. They are useful, but note that DA (domain authority) can be falsely manipulated. In other words, spammy sites CAN make it much larger than it deserves. O.K., in that case, I would want to look at many metrics. For instance, if Majestic's TF (trust flow) is high, then that's a good sign! Well, I might even go so far to say DA is useless. I look mostly at TF to buy websites.
  11. No doubt about it. If you're buying traffic and not putting it into a list, you're wasting money. In fact, to sell you need around 7 pitches, on average, to make one. Of course, a list doesn't have to be email, you can also use social media. Nonetheless, take into mind that Facebook charges you to build the list (Facebook group or page) AND also to communicate to it. Well, that's not saying you can't build a list without paying - but odds are it won't be big.
  12. Well, this might sound like some kind of conservative slogan - but it's true. In fact, a lot of people go for the cheap - when the cheap/free won't do it! In fact, to make a really strong internet blog/forum (as in promotion), it would take $10,000 to $20,000. Anyone agree?
  13. AdWords or similar stuff (Facebook, BingAds) work awesome to make a list. However, if you're not making a list - you could be throwing money away! Also, if you're getting free traffic from SEO - you might want to throw those people into a list - cause any advantage is worth taking! Anyhow, on another thought, SEO is free but building it might be impossible without money. In fact, the money might be the same as would be spent on Adwords (etc..). In that case, is it really cheaper?
  14. The problem with such stuff is copyrights. I mean, how can a forum software be unique?
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