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  1. Just sharing Rights and credits > https://wordpress.tv/ Word Conference
  2. I wanted to share this with the people who may not know about SEO and what Google does with seo and also wanted to hear what the Community does about their SEO and ideas, tips, tricks, betterments for SEO of their own site and can help others The Channel to sub to is - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWf2ZlNsCGDS89VBF_awNvA Feel free to comment, reply and give advice and tips on better seo
  3. lol, nothing can be said, if they have enough ppl using the site and active, then it would be in the percent range of a good colored theme i was relating to the new age wants nowadays you have too many ppl that request a dark version over light reason why i said "acquired taste" it's a matter of option once you click on the site and look, if it's too bright my answer, yes it is too bright for me and my eyes......
  4. i wasn't thinking, lol! yes i was referring to the theme in general.............but only if my assumption was right.............it isn't, so nvm my post plz - lol my bad thank you to you both for the help
  5. I would like to use the sidebar on my front page, and a couple other custom pages but i use the legends blocks from IPS and if i use the main sidebar, the custom pages i have makes the content squish up so a suggestion (or is this possible already) to be able to make the main body of the theme wider? Make this a optional thing so ppl can still use the original style, but have a option setting to make the theme 100% full width so this maybe have to be a option that says (use 100% full width **Note, using this will take away the background)
  6. seems like a "acquired taste" type theme and not judging, but when i clicked on it, i sat back in my seat, lol its a good theme, but they will have to worry about ppl not liking the bright in your face color -IMO
  7. One of the new age ways to better "attract" the right crowd to your website is by having Rich Content displayed for members, customers, clients to see. Rich Content or Dynamic Content I say all this from lessons learned of having a website (2 to be honest) since 2016, and having to constantly change pages, front page, to better keep visitors on the site and wanting to come back! So i will give my website Fierce Gaming Network as a example, not to show off, but to give an idea of a way Rich or Dynamic Content can be displayed - Our Front Page. I encourage you all to reply with what you have experienced or have already done, to display or give - Rich & Dynamic Content
  8. oooooohhhh, dang sry about that and thank you so much for the fix, and i will make sure to check better if it's on me or the actual theme
  9. Changed Issue Status to Pending Changed Assigned To to Alan
  10. Thank you for making such a awesome place Alan, Happy to be here and apart of the Team! #TeamSD
  11. Fierce God


    Welcome to Storm Developers! If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask
  12. Fierce God


    Welcome to Storm Developers! If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask
  13. Welcome to Storm Developers!
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