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  1. Welcome to Storm Developers, @Joshua Farrell!
  2. I've also tried it - It can really take a lot of work. My only regret was that I should have learned advance security and IT, although it never got hacked its just when clients would ask you questions, you were stuck looking all over google for a simple answer.
  3. Malcolm

    Malcolm here!

    Thanks everyone
  4. Malcolm


    It’s not my favourite, trying to get my community Adminweb off of it and so far it has been a nightmare. i do agree that it has a lack of themes and I find it has a lack of customization features.
  5. Malcolm

    JoyFreak here!

    Howdy there JoyFreak! Welcome to Storm Developers!
  6. Malcolm


    Hello there! Welcome
  7. Welcome Empire! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  8. Malcolm

    Malcolm here!

    Thanks @Alan! I really like it here! Ill keep that in mind!
  9. Malcolm

    Malcolm here!

    Hello all! I’m Malcolm! Saw this forum on Forum promotion and wanted to show my support! Hope to see you guys around
  10. CodeForum strives to be different from other Dev coding sites by giving the space and resources to the developer to helps them succeed with their projects and future.
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