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  1. @Joshua Farrell welcome aboard to storm developers
  2. What's up everyone. I'm away from home and make things really bad that the accommodation has no Wifi and phone networks are bad. That's York for you ­čśŤ┬á

  3. Some sites fully open and then get there content going then rest of the others rather open the site with content. So what rather would you have?
  4. What's up #everyone ­čÖé┬á

  5. Shared is an cheaper option for most of us. For starting off or just long term it's cheaper. Regards very big site's with high traffic and big members base then owner your own VPS/server is the best option to go with regards to that as shared hosting can't keep up with the high demand. There are positive and negatives with most things, VPS you feel more free as you have more control of everything however you need to know what you are doing off. Shared is little easy as you don't have to deal with the deep end of the server as your hosts deals with it. VPS is more speed and more everything, but lately shared cloud based servers are improving. If you was going with shared based then cloud is the best option as it's more speed and better performance then having an shared server based on one drive.
  6. When I first open up my first site using SMF it taken around three to four days after the software was installed, and in that time it allow me to get plugins, themes, and also learn how the forum works. An week before I already had hosting and domain in place. Then when I moved to IPB software (clean install again) I allowed myself 7 days before the opening. Maybe it was longer then 7 days. Over the weeks, mouths and year the site grow over time. Meaning you get more plugins and ideas in place, content grow as so does member base and a good year or two the site gets to the point that it's right where it needs to be.
  7. As an client point of view, major of us are more interest in easy fast and the most safest way to make an payment. And it's full steam ahead with PayPal. Most pay though with PayPal. Then there is records, like to keep all records in the backend.
  8. Have an eight warning point system is place. Each warning point will offer different outcome. And set it up so that once an member gets more then eight points they get the ban hammer. Seen members get 5 points or less or maybe more at one time, depends on what they did. Even if they are VIP members, same goes for them, they gotta obey the rules. Regards getting the account back after an ban! comes down to how long they been ban for and what they did and if you do allow them to come back then consider watching them with post approval. But @Ash is right regards long term support members, you want them and you do not want to loss them and if they break the rules then you have to think deep. But if they are long term supported members then they shouldn't break the rules as they should know it by there hearts.
  9. I personally haven't experienced closing my own site down! I have been on allot of sites as an members that had to close down and as an member I went thought out the site and backup my content that I wanted to keep. One of my sites has been closed but it was never opened in the first place lol and so that's different. Find someone that is willing to run it for you as you still the owner Sell it and hope for the best that who ever runs it keeps it alive Do an full backup and close it and maybe in the future to open it again, just pay yearly for an unused domain. Close it for good!
  10. WordPress has been around for so long it never gets old or boring. It's an easy simple system that anyone can create and do. Allot of Business was created with WordPress and more and more are getting into self employment to the point that they work from home. It's always good to see new things coming out regards addons and plugins. If you looking for plugins then there are so much you can find on the marketplace, but not just paid but free. It's an shame that I don't really do enough of it, I mean once I thought about setting up and home page using Wordpress then the forum from IPB, but as IPB moced alone in time they made there own pages app and able to make an home front page using what IPB has to offer built in and it was easy to have it all in one ACP then to have two lost of software.
  11. We as an team have discussed an live twitch stream broadcast system that involves using the IPB software, we discussed using the pages app and even a plugin that's design for anyone who views the site to also watch there favourite streamers. On behalf of my community site we have an twitch stream page (it's not an plugin) that's an simple made up with pages and classic twitch link. Me @Empire and @Alan have discussed regards making our own live stream plugin that's an actual plugin. We are aware there is on live stream plugin for IPB but we are thinking more in terms of an simple basic and clean plugin that's low price and for most community who are looking for something that's low end as well as it has all the following options that you want. This is an idea that I like to see it an go ahead but we are learning on how the twitch API works as we are aiming to do it that way. Down to the box: List of all streamers who are on Mixer or twitch. (aim is twitch) The stream itself with chat box social media promotion and share buttons Submit your stream button with permissions for who can view or not view and also what groups can submit basic options like view stream full screen or open up the stream on twitch. Rating! maybe but lets see! but option to pin and future steamers. If you guys are interested or have more ideas or able to help then comment below and more thumb-ups we get then maybe this will be going ahead
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Web Designer is unlike any web design software you will have seen before; an easy template based solution that gives you total page design freedom, no HTML skills required. There is no easier solution Traditional web authoring tools are really just HTML editors, originally designed to create text layouts, providing few graphical capabilities. Yet it's evident that the majority of modern websites are of a graphical nature. We believe you should have complete freedom to include anything - text, graphics, photos - anywhere on the page, using just one tool. And you shouldn't need to know, or even see, the HTML that goes into creating your site, any more than a car driver needs to know how an engine works. Web Designer treats web page design just like print page layout. You can either create your own page and site designs from scratch with the powerful page layout and design tools or simply 1) pick your design from the templates 2) customize it with complete freedom 3) publish. What you see on the page in Web Designer is exactly what you get on your site - and absolutely no HTML or Javascript skills are required! A one tool solution You only need one program for creating graphical websites - from design to publishing - and that's Web Designer. It includes all the tools you need for designing your pages, even including illustration tools and photo editing (an integrated ultra-fast, non-destructive photo tool), and for advanced text layout. Web Designer's Online Content Catalog (provided as part of the Update Service) includes customizable web graphic, webpage and website template designs, plus a collection of Widgets and a huge collection of royalty free, high quality photos from Pixabay. More Information: https://www.xara.com/uk/web-designer/ MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Microsoft® Windows® Vista® | 7 | 8 | 10 64 bit Intel® Celeron® or newer, or AMD® Sempron® or newer 500MB of RAM 300MB of available hard-disk space For more information/support or concern then contact @Empire Also it's refundable


  13. IPB is an very mobile friendly forum software anyway, and most themes out there nowadays are mobile responsive supported
  14. I made mistakes many times and it's apart of you learning the ways of doing it. I always learn something new everyday. One major mistake that I always do and forget is to close an statement.
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