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  1. Hey @jasony - I have to say I'm not quite sure what you mean in this thread but if you're talking about the effects of social media on your sites SEO then yeah. I don't believe that it is a part of Google’s actual algorithm but the very basis of social media allows you a place to amplify those actual ranking factors. Naturally, the more people sharing and talking about whatever content you've got means that you're going to get more visibility which in turn, hopefully means better rankings over time.
  2. I'm with you on this one @The Editor - we use Wordpress at work and one day I came in and found that our IT technicians had updated it to the latest version. That's all well and good but when I actually got into editing a few pages I started wondering what the heck I had done wrong because of this new editor. Like you, I'd gotten used to the older one and just hopping into the HTML view if I wanted to do anything in that area. I didn't know that I could change it though - do you happen to have a link to where I can find out how to do that? Would make life a lot easier for me!
  3. I wouldn't say that Windows 10 doesn't do the job anyway - certainly, in terms of operating systems it's probably not the 5 star standard but it does what I need it to do and that's all I can ask really. I got it at launch like I'm sure most did and yes, it wasn't super amazing at first but over the time it has improved and I think anyway, is a lot more stable than it was. At the end of the day though it does depend on your needs from an OS so it's all subjective in my view.
  4. I always like to start on a mid-level hosting package and work my way up from there. I'm not wholy technical (I usually launch my sites with someone who tends to be more skilled there) so I can't speak to the ease of doing things myself on VPS's but from a perspective of speed and usability, they certainly do the job for me. However, I only like to start using them once the situation demands it. I'm not one of these people who will blast off into high-end VPS services right off the bat just beause I want to have a shiny VPS underneath my website. It just seems overkill at first anyway.
  5. How do you handle the marketing and promotion of your projects? In general, it's a big job having to manage all these different social media accounts, content strategies, the lot. So, do you tend to do that yourself so that you have control over it all or do you 'hire' bits and pieces out to people on websites like Fiverr/SEOClerks or other places? For me, I like to do all of my stuff myself - it is actually my job in real life (Social Media Marketing) so it makes sense for me as I have general understanding of things and some experience in doing it, but it also allows me to retain personal control over things and how they operate. However, I do tend to look at hiring VA's or gig employees for certain tasks to minimise the time I spend on doing more 'intensive' and boring tasks. Ain't nobody got time for boring stuff.
  6. It's an age old question in the marketing realm, is even getting bad publicity about your website still publicity that you'd want as long it brings people towards your site? For me, controversy does sell, of course it depends on the scale of things but if I hear something is going down you better know that I am heading over to that place to see for myself. Of course, across the internet, rumours can just spread at the click of a button and with fake news being all the more prevalent, I think it is quite prudent of us to head to places ourselves and form our own opinion on things. What do you think?
  7. For me, the actual process of acquiring my domain, hosting and installing all the software I may want is a relatively simple and quick process to get under my belt. However, when I tend to launch a site I like to go in with a stack of content ready to hit the ground running and hopefully entice people into my site. Last time I launched something like this I had about three weeks of content prepped and ready to go. Alongside all the research, time to write and make sure everything was good and ready, that probably took me a month or two. What about you? How quickly can you get set up?
  8. There may has been a time at some point in your website life that you've had to make a decision to shut down a project. Be it your blog, a forum or a website you were looking to get off the ground. For me, I've had to do that many times and admit defeat in my relentless pursuit of website joy. However, when you've had a community use your site, post and create content, how do you manage that stage of shutting it down for good? Do you take a look at redirecting your forum to another which might offer them the same vibe/information they got from your site? Would you let people know that you're shutting up shop? Perhaps if you're so inclined, you may want to offer certain members the chance to take the website on and continue what you started. For me, I always at least let people know what I was doing and gave them an idea of places they could go to continue their forum journey. It just felt the right thing to do.
  9. On (every) social media network nowadays it seems, there are some forms of hashtags that one can use to help with the sorting of posts and looking for content that you want to see. For me, Instagram is obviously the leader in this area and I was just wondering if people take the time to sit down and work out their own hashtag strategy? For me, I keep an Excel document full of various levels of hashtags that I will use based on the post content and messaging that I am trying to get across. Since I've started being a bit more strategic it has actually helped with the amount of insights I've been getting! What about you? Have you ever analysed your hashtags?
  10. I have used that 'Ghost' blogging software before for own personal projects but that was for a more of a 'try it and see' approach to the project as it was my own personal space. I liked the platform but I just didn't really gel with it so ended up moving myself over to WordPress again anyway lol. In regards to blog add-ons like @jasony has mentioned though, I suppose the holy grail is to just install WordPress (or your favoured software) and then skin it to look like your forum if appropriate. I'm not sure there's a software out there at the moment that could pull me away from WordPress, it's just an easy out-the-box solution for me anyway!
  11. Yes, I've been watching over at ForumPromotion actually as one of the members over there appears to be building their own forum software and it's been a fascinating thing to watch over time as the person has developed it from a little idea to a full-fledged software. It's nothing I'm sure I could ever bring myself to learn and do but I do enjoy watching other peoples development journeys - it looks like quite a nice little software package also!
  12. If you own the code, you made it yourself (or your team did) and so on, it'll be your version of unique anyway. Sure, the idea of a forum isn't unique but how it's put together is what makes it unique. In terms of the best free open source ones in today's world, the evergreen trio of MyBB, phpBB and SMF float my own proverbial boat. They do the job, seem fairly active in terms of communities and development. What more could you want? If you fancy making your own though, power to you!
  13. Hmm, it's an odd theme in my opinion. Doesn't really sit well with me when I loaded the website page you linked anyway. Some very odd bright colors in there, I can see the 'edges' around the 'Reply' buttons, there also appears to be a random enlarged post-bit for one of the members as well. It just seems a really odd theme to me anyway, not one I would be flocking to use. Fair enough though if people are using that site and are enjoying the theme, it's just simply not one I could be looking at for long lol.
  14. In terms of an operating system, I like Windows, specially Windows 10, from a base user stand-point really. It's does what it needs to do and keeps me going both at home and at work. I did have fun toying with Mac's OS X when it was around and I have had my dabbles in various Linux builds but I've always gone back to Windows. It's just the easier choice for me, I'm not a full 'techy' person so bumbling around in the terminal has never been one for me.
  15. I've seen various social media based scripts on my travels across the internet but for the life of me I can't really understand why people would be purchasing these unless they wanted obviously a local solution for their website without resorting to the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Like a Facebook Workplace kind of deal but for their site. I get that, but I still don't see it being useful for anyone really unless they want to purchase the script to look at understanding how things work and how a 'base' Facebook is put together. That in itself would be quite interesting for me actually.
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