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  1. I do believe myself if spending time on a project or website can be time consuming but very rewarding when you see results, not all websites need 10s of thousands to get seen on the web, a lot that spend a large amount of money is when a big company launches a new product to get it effectively seen very fast, gradual growth is usually good over rapid growth with uncertainty, when big company ls spend a lot they split test there marketing tactics to find the best then reduce spend once they find the perfect way to promote their new product,
  2. Hi welcome on board storm developers if you need anything please feel free to ask
  3. I have tried it myself a while ago, it very competitive market to crack with so much competition, though i do still host but and i mainly host with web packages now known as a fully hosting package with a built website from ourselves as hosting on its own is now is being done by a lot of people and companies.
  4. I have closed 2 sites down in the past and its not an easy choice i must admit but both where related to a niche that was too broad and complex for a lot of people to understand and too much going on, always make things simple so that your visitors know what is happening and content is easy to find.
  5. I have had many years looking into different billing systems out their in the world today some which are attached to other big software such as ERPs but standalone ones which have you come across and used, does it work well or have you custom coded your own billing system,
  6. I find Odoo is a very strong ERP system and hold my vote with how many features it holds in my personal opinion the core system can get pricey if you wish to implement more user and core premium features, how do you compare it to other ERPs out there for example my second choice would be ERPNext as a simple and yet again very powerful ERP platform to handle most of the business or billing day to day tasks and projects. What are your thoughts?
  7. I have come across many clients that use Magento and is a very powerful eCommerce system how do you view the system compared to other ones out there such as Prestashop, WooCommerce etc.
  8. I have used ModX in the past and i feel its a very different Content Management System other known as a CMF (Content Management Framework), for me it does give the freedom to play around and get the pages and content how i like it, i do feel to get extra features in with the add-ons some are simple but other are quite complex to work with. Looking to see who else uses modx and how you find it with any past or current developments, was it a challenge or was it a breeze and did you have plenty of coffee to get them developments to a live state.
  9. I noticed most people now are moving to MariaDB myself included as i find it more stable and a lot faster than MySQL, I know there is pro's and con's on both sides and i am curious to see out of all of us which do you use and why, what are the experiences you have faced while using one or the other, maybe even both.
  10. I have worked in python quite a bit and find its a very powerful language, what do you prefer about it over other languages, do you prefer the ease of how easy it is to learn or that now the future has come with AI (Artificial Intelligence), Most AI's are now coded upon the python coding language is this something you in the future will be looking into. My preferred language is PHP but i also find i do enjoy python as it is an old language but still remains very powerful, What do you think and is it a language you will use or are you currently using it, If you are what is you experiences with python and an insight on how you use it and does it work well.
  11. To build a forum system take a lot of hard work and lots of tea or coffee's in the process, but if you make your own hats off to you as its a great achievement
  12. Sounds good and is something i can look into as an addon, im also to see what other input is on it so we could get a nice amount of features within the addon
  13. Version 1.0.0


    A free plugin that will enable you to add the addthis to your website, Register at: https://www.addthis.com/ get your publisher id Once you have installed the plugin go to the plugin settings and set enable to on then enter your publisher id click save You will need to make sure you setup addthis on their website and once you have the publisher id you are able to use this plugin. Any issues please feel free to add it to our bug tracker.


  14. fixed, the global message was causing the issue so i have moved it more inline, i have also added a word wrap to stop it from extending the page off screen. will be in 1.0.5 release
  15. Changed Issue Status to Fixed
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