Backlinks Manager

The backlinks manager is a system that will help with many of them SEO campaigns to help successfully track active backlinks, By using the system you will not be waiting for stats from search engines or 3rd party websites to collect a scaping of the information.



By using the system you will get real time traffic information when someone clicks through your backlinks along with this we have placed in features that can check to see if a backlink is currently active or not which saves you time on visiting the webpage or searching for them.

We have ordered the tracking features to be linked to prospects and campaigns so you can see where the traffic is coming from and also see which backlinks are working for you.

Over time you will see more and more features get added up to now we have features that will track prospects (external websites) , keywords used, traffic to that comes through and what site pages on your websites you link to which makes this the perfect solution and accurate traffic data.

Stable Release

The lastest stable release is 0.5.7



Currently in Development is the 0.5.8

Archived Releases




The Backlinks Manager is licensed under GNU GPL V3

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