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    Version 1.0.0


    A free plugin that will enable you to add the addthis to your website, Register at: https://www.addthis.com/ get your publisher id Once you have installed the plugin go to the plugin settings and set enable to on then enter your publisher id click save You will need to make sure you setup addthis on their website and once you have the publisher id you are able to use this plugin. Any issues please feel free to add it to our bug tracker.


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    Theme works great, looks awesome and we couldn't be more happier their support is A-1 and we highly recommend this theme and more of their applications to enhance your community if you would like to see an example of how their Theme looks take a peek here - Fierce Gaming Network
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    Still learning it, I can see it's very interesting Framework and seems to help a lot and make development quicker, which is framework requirement
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    Hmm, it's an odd theme in my opinion. Doesn't really sit well with me when I loaded the website page you linked anyway. Some very odd bright colors in there, I can see the 'edges' around the 'Reply' buttons, there also appears to be a random enlarged post-bit for one of the members as well. It just seems a really odd theme to me anyway, not one I would be flocking to use. Fair enough though if people are using that site and are enjoying the theme, it's just simply not one I could be looking at for long lol.
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    https://www.musicbanter.com/reggae-ska/17520-outside-jamaica-country-embrace-reggae-most.html I haven't seen light blue for the text area - but it seems to work, and be strikingly different! Nonetheless, I doubt if many would want to copy this. Would you?
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    We as an team have discussed an live twitch stream broadcast system that involves using the IPB software, we discussed using the pages app and even a plugin that's design for anyone who views the site to also watch there favourite streamers. On behalf of my community site we have an twitch stream page (it's not an plugin) that's an simple made up with pages and classic twitch link. Me @Empire and @Alan have discussed regards making our own live stream plugin that's an actual plugin. We are aware there is on live stream plugin for IPB but we are thinking more in terms of an simple basic and clean plugin that's low price and for most community who are looking for something that's low end as well as it has all the following options that you want. This is an idea that I like to see it an go ahead but we are learning on how the twitch API works as we are aiming to do it that way. Down to the box: List of all streamers who are on Mixer or twitch. (aim is twitch) The stream itself with chat box social media promotion and share buttons Submit your stream button with permissions for who can view or not view and also what groups can submit basic options like view stream full screen or open up the stream on twitch. Rating! maybe but lets see! but option to pin and future steamers. If you guys are interested or have more ideas or able to help then comment below and more thumb-ups we get then maybe this will be going ahead
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    I wanted to share this with the people who may not know about SEO and what Google does with seo and also wanted to hear what the Community does about their SEO and ideas, tips, tricks, betterments for SEO of their own site and can help others The Channel to sub to is - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWf2ZlNsCGDS89VBF_awNvA Feel free to comment, reply and give advice and tips on better seo
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    We will move this to theme support because it would be a great addition to there if anyone else has same question
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    Are you talking about your website? or stormdevelopers? And you can in the theme settings! Edit theme, custom tab then "Fluid width size (in %)" and edit your number. 80 is set as default.
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    We have the option there already which was kept from the IPS default theme, Fluid width currently is at 80% if set to 100 then it will use the full width. should be in the custom tab
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    This is a first i came across this too, some websites i have come across have been so colorful and some with strange pallets of colors, personally i prefer a clean looking website and normally content areas are pretty light for example the multipur theme on storm developers. some people may like it but personally i would not have gone for this type of theme though their is many people out there that probably would.
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    Myself i have worked with many such as webgains, commission junction, affiliate window, shareasale and many many more, What affiliate or even CPA networks have you used in the past that you have felt are great to work with. what are your thoughts on them and share your experience as i would love to hear the good and neutral points about them and how they have worked well for you.
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    One of the new age ways to better "attract" the right crowd to your website is by having Rich Content displayed for members, customers, clients to see. Rich Content or Dynamic Content I say all this from lessons learned of having a website (2 to be honest) since 2016, and having to constantly change pages, front page, to better keep visitors on the site and wanting to come back! So i will give my website Fierce Gaming Network as a example, not to show off, but to give an idea of a way Rich or Dynamic Content can be displayed - Our Front Page. I encourage you all to reply with what you have experienced or have already done, to display or give - Rich & Dynamic Content
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    This is fantastic and its true that content is king for many websites in the world. giving the people what they like to read or can take a skill away from it will generally mean you have a good following from that person, helping others with great information is wonderful, to help keep returning visitors too. I must admit though we do have a bit of work on our home page but its a work in progress, and is always evolving for the better
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    Hello all I'm empire and known to be empire around the world, that's what most and all called me anyway! I always used the name and never stop. I'm not old to Allen as I have worked with him before on another old project. It's almost the same as of now but different name. So here I am back on the new rebuild and fresh start. I don't know what to expect but I thought I say hello
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    I'm Jason (Jason76 from Forum Promotion). My hobbies are web development, drumming, guitar, fitness, and 3D computer art creation. Who are into these things? Anyway, I hope to learn much on here!
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    Thanks for the support you all. I will try to reply on your intro threads - lol.
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    the addon included some css which i modified so i can note the fix for any one in future has same issue on same addon
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    Changed Issue Status to Fixed
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    Sorted will be in release 1.0.4
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    Changed Issue Status to In Review
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    Hello all! I’m Malcolm! Saw this forum on Forum promotion and wanted to show my support! Hope to see you guys around
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    Welcome Welcome to the Community @JoyFreak
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    We are now calling out to everyone with a range of skills who would like to help improve our website, products and services. I am please to announce that we are looking for individuals who show a good keen interest in Storm Developers and want to aim to get it moving forward. What we are looking for: Developers (to help on our core projects) Includes both open source and our closed source products Designers (to help with our core projects) includes both open source and our closed source products Staff Members - this will be helping on our site and our content to activly support our members and customers along with onsite moderation of content. If you have an interest and want to be part of a wonderful team of people feel free to send me a message or respond to this post and we will aim to get back to you as soon as possible.
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    Hello and welcome to our community, it is great to see you here anything you need please feel free to ask myself or the team
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    Changed Issue Status to In Progress
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    I reviewed it an can see that the colour of the text needs adjusted @Alan Is aware and apply the fix.
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    Changed Issue Status to In Review
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    I don't set a budget for anything. If my site needs something then I get it. I don't go crazy though. If it doesn't need it and it's just something that I want, I know not to get it. I don't have a set budget, but I do know how much money I have and I know I don't want to be broke. lol
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    its ok, somtimes i can work very fast but i can only go as fast as technology will let me
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    changes not live on your site yet, just amended via our dev site, will make change in a few moments.
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    wow!!! You the Real MVP that for that one Many Thanks and more @Alan and @StormDevelopers
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    Changed Issue Status to Fixed
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    Myself I look at deals and what I can get out of. It's always cheaper to buy more then one year worth of hosting and so three years at an time is an good option to go with. Domain is like $9 an year and so that's not an big deal. Since running IPB then depends on what you have then you have an renew fee that can add up to $120 a year. Then for me I use paid plugins and not all has renew option but once that do is like another $80 all up in a year. Even that I do not pay it all at once it's gets paid at different parts of the year. End of the day I spent so far over $1500 in just over two years
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    I think ask is only interested for personal use only rather then making the forum public. But it will be cool
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    I have edited your site with the fix and has now been added to our master for the 1.0.4 release
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    Issue fixed, sorted for 1.0.4 release
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    Work In progress, thanks for bug report
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    I know what WoltLab looks like and have seen websites that do use it but I just find that WoltLab doesn't offer allot compare to other forum based software. For what most sites needs it just doesn't offer it. Then not to mention I don't like the layout and it's not simple to run at times. Not like others that you can go into the ACP and make up your own HTML Template page.
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    I will apply an update for 1.0.4 for this fix, anyone who needs the update prior to 1.0.4 i will apply the fix until the release of 1.0.4 update. thank you for pointing this out to us.
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    Changed Issue Status to In Progress
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    @Fierce God - will look into it for you and add it to this list.
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    Changed Issue Status to Fixed
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    Changed Issue Status to In Review
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    Thank you for submitting the bug, we will look into it and hope to get this fixed,
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    What I consider is mobile friendliness. Well, XenForo is mobile friendly - out of the box. Well, supposedly it is - but I bought highly mobile optimized themes anyway. O.K. if a software, like say SMF - isn't mobile friendly, then the number of mobile themes available would be a consideration. I normally go with what @Ash does - because that's what I'm used to (habit). Anyway, about the FTP thing, that can be a problem for some webmasters - and that's a huge advantage of SMF and WordPress. O.K. where does phpBB have an uploader?
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    Thanks @Alan! I really like it here! Ill keep that in mind!
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    We believe that open source matters and a big project our ERP is going to be, so if you are a developer and have a bit of spare time feel free to come and join us in building our stormERP system. We are just starting out and hopefully it will be a fantastic PHP system that everyone will love, based on the symfony framework we feel it will be a great achievement in the php world. Feel free to get on board and help us build a great future for the system. Send us a message here or come to our github link is located on our main page.
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