Supporting Storm Developers

There are various ways you can support storm developers, our contributors and the team or community that work on storm developers with their development time. All donations are welcome and will be a great help to keep our team of developers and contributors working hard to ensure our open source projects continue to grow.

If you do decide to donate we would like to thank you so much as all financial help we get will help our projects flourish and grow. At this moment in time we have paypal avaliable for donations and we will have more methods you can donate to us soon.

Donate With Paypal

Donating through paypal, you can choose any amount you wish to support one time or monthly.

Donate With Crypto Currency

We have options that if you wish to donate via digital currency we have avaliable below the currencies you are able to donate to.


Donating through Bitcoin, use the address below to donate

BTC Address: 1E51dBrU1d2jUv8Ep7e8bduhMMAFKh8JMq

Bitcoin Cash

Donating through Bitcoin Cash, use the address below to donate

BCH Address:


Donating through LiteCoin, use the address below to donate

LTC Address:

Dash Coin

Donating through Dash Coin, use the address below to donate

Dash Address:


Donating through DogeCoin, use the address below to donate

DOGE Address:


Donating through RavenCoin, use the address below to donate

RVN Address:

DigiByte Coin

Donating through DigiByte Coin, use the address below to donate

DigiByte Address:

DAI Coin

Donating through DAI Coin, use the address below to donate

DAI Address:


Donating through Ethereum, use the address below to donate

ETH Address:

How To Contribute

With all our open source projects we believe in coming together as a team of developers and love for you to contribute and help our projects grow.

its simple to become a contributor please feel free to contact us or use github and we will work hard to get your skills on board our projects.

Become A Contributor

Need Support

Do you need some help find out how to get some support with issues you are facing with our software and how to fix or use our software features.

We have various ways you can get support from many of our software to helping you with what you need or get assistance on.

Get Support (Comiing Soon)