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  2. Still learning it, I can see it's very interesting Framework and seems to help a lot and make development quicker, which is framework requirement
  3. What's up everyone. I'm away from home and make things really bad that the accommodation has no Wifi and phone networks are bad. That's York for you 😛 

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  5. I love Python. It's a simple language to learn and code with and there are so many possibilities with it to create whatever project you want. It's actually the language that I used to help build one of my previous websites, Hive Gamurs. I used Python & Flask to build it and it was an extremely fun project to work with.
  6. I would rather have the site have some sort of content before fully opening because it's important to try and get some users when you first advertise your site. If your site has no content when visitors come on it, they are just going to get bored and leave the site.
  7. Some sites fully open and then get there content going then rest of the others rather open the site with content. So what rather would you have?
  8. It doesn't take me too long to set up things in terms of the domain, hosting, software etc. It takes a little longer to get everything else set up. I usually don't fully launch a forum until I get some content on the forum as well so that can take a bit of time to get some new members or paid posters to create content.
  9. I understand why it's needed and why it came through but it has been extremely annoying for small and large sites. It's been awful for me as a blog owner so I can't imagine how much work must have been required for larger companies who have millions of users & customers to deal with and handle.
  10. I myself like MariaDB for certain tasks and things i need to do works faster and more stable on their compared to MySQL, always improving and getting better, always listening to the news feeds to see whats new and improved.
  11. Magento is still one of the leading systems though Prestashop is following close from what i have heard, it is a bit of a change with the version 2 compared to the old version 1.9. Some of the changes i must admit took some getting used to with how the admin side of things runs but most of its core relevantly works very similar to the older 1.9 with so many improvements. will have to see how they progress it.
  12. Python is a great language and looking forward to how AI works with it as you said it is very deep learning and one day will look into this, i would love to see who has experience with it and how you have achieved great results with artificial intelligence, and python projects as a whole.
  13. What's up #everyone 🙂 

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  15. I have tried it myself a while ago, it very competitive market to crack with so much competition, though i do still host but and i mainly host with web packages now known as a fully hosting package with a built website from ourselves as hosting on its own is now is being done by a lot of people and companies.
  16. Shared is an cheaper option for most of us. For starting off or just long term it's cheaper. Regards very big site's with high traffic and big members base then owner your own VPS/server is the best option to go with regards to that as shared hosting can't keep up with the high demand. There are positive and negatives with most things, VPS you feel more free as you have more control of everything however you need to know what you are doing off. Shared is little easy as you don't have to deal with the deep end of the server as your hosts deals with it. VPS is more speed and more everything, but lately shared cloud based servers are improving. If you was going with shared based then cloud is the best option as it's more speed and better performance then having an shared server based on one drive.
  17. When I first open up my first site using SMF it taken around three to four days after the software was installed, and in that time it allow me to get plugins, themes, and also learn how the forum works. An week before I already had hosting and domain in place. Then when I moved to IPB software (clean install again) I allowed myself 7 days before the opening. Maybe it was longer then 7 days. Over the weeks, mouths and year the site grow over time. Meaning you get more plugins and ideas in place, content grow as so does member base and a good year or two the site gets to the point that it's right where it needs to be.
  18. As an client point of view, major of us are more interest in easy fast and the most safest way to make an payment. And it's full steam ahead with PayPal. Most pay though with PayPal. Then there is records, like to keep all records in the backend.
  19. I have closed 2 sites down in the past and its not an easy choice i must admit but both where related to a niche that was too broad and complex for a lot of people to understand and too much going on, always make things simple so that your visitors know what is happening and content is easy to find.
  20. Have an eight warning point system is place. Each warning point will offer different outcome. And set it up so that once an member gets more then eight points they get the ban hammer. Seen members get 5 points or less or maybe more at one time, depends on what they did. Even if they are VIP members, same goes for them, they gotta obey the rules. Regards getting the account back after an ban! comes down to how long they been ban for and what they did and if you do allow them to come back then consider watching them with post approval. But @Ash is right regards long term support members, you want them and you do not want to loss them and if they break the rules then you have to think deep. But if they are long term supported members then they shouldn't break the rules as they should know it by there hearts.
  21. I personally haven't experienced closing my own site down! I have been on allot of sites as an members that had to close down and as an member I went thought out the site and backup my content that I wanted to keep. One of my sites has been closed but it was never opened in the first place lol and so that's different. Find someone that is willing to run it for you as you still the owner Sell it and hope for the best that who ever runs it keeps it alive Do an full backup and close it and maybe in the future to open it again, just pay yearly for an unused domain. Close it for good!
  22. I have had many years looking into different billing systems out their in the world today some which are attached to other big software such as ERPs but standalone ones which have you come across and used, does it work well or have you custom coded your own billing system,
  23. I find Odoo is a very strong ERP system and hold my vote with how many features it holds in my personal opinion the core system can get pricey if you wish to implement more user and core premium features, how do you compare it to other ERPs out there for example my second choice would be ERPNext as a simple and yet again very powerful ERP platform to handle most of the business or billing day to day tasks and projects. What are your thoughts?
  24. I have come across many clients that use Magento and is a very powerful eCommerce system how do you view the system compared to other ones out there such as Prestashop, WooCommerce etc.
  25. I have used ModX in the past and i feel its a very different Content Management System other known as a CMF (Content Management Framework), for me it does give the freedom to play around and get the pages and content how i like it, i do feel to get extra features in with the add-ons some are simple but other are quite complex to work with. Looking to see who else uses modx and how you find it with any past or current developments, was it a challenge or was it a breeze and did you have plenty of coffee to get them developments to a live state.
  26. I noticed most people now are moving to MariaDB myself included as i find it more stable and a lot faster than MySQL, I know there is pro's and con's on both sides and i am curious to see out of all of us which do you use and why, what are the experiences you have faced while using one or the other, maybe even both.
  27. Honestly, it's quite rare to come across a site that isn't a forum that isn't using WordPress as their software. It's just so flexible as a content management system and it helps that it has so many themes and plugins available for it.
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