Learn How To Contribute

Are you a developer or designer and looking to contribute to our projects, We have many ways you can contribute this could be from reporting issues testing our feature Or even requesting access to write to our core code for our next up and coming releases on the projects you wish to help on.

There are various ways from using pull requests via github which is one option or you can request to become an open source developer wishing to support and add code / features, fix bugs. we will be adding options below to help you get started.

Pull Request

With many of our projects you can submit pull requests via github which gets approved by our core team and open source team.

Report Issues / Bugs

This is the key to keeping our projects upto date and secure, Have you found a bug or see somthing that is not right, request new features too.

Apply To Our Team

Use the forms below if you wish to contribute to our projects core source code as a team member or ouside contributor.

OpenSource Team

To become a part of our OpenSource team on our projects and future projects if you wish to give more development

Fill out the form and select OpenSource Team from the dropdown if you wish to be part of the open source team

Outside Contributor

We value outside contributors who are only able to give us a little time to contribute or make small changes to our projects.

if you wish for us to put your name on our outside contributors list please feel free to select Outside Contributor from the list.