What a week we have had, We are doing a lot of work with the website here on Storm Developers. Making changes to the way we have the website to how we are showcasing our products and services.

We have at this moment in time put a base on so that our visitors know that we are still here, but over time you will start to see the content and services that we will offer steadily increase and more information will be on the site. so it does look a little basic for the moment. We are very exited to where our future holds as we increase our workflow put on amazing things for you to see here.

We will be providing a lot of material that will help the new developers and future technical specialists. We are also going to be covering how to guides and resources to help with building software from php, python including other languages, not only that we will be looking to develop and support those who are searching for ways to make templates and themes, this includes offering our own free and paid themes and templates in the future to come.

We have here so much planned but only so many hours in the day to get what we want done and we hope that as time passes you will love to be part of storm developers, this could be from a reader, developer all the way to a fab designer or partner that will love to be part of what we are about.

I will hold this for now so i can continue on with our next steps but keep checking on our news and other pages to get updated information and tutorials from us.